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Radif Art & Culture
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Radif Music Classes

Radif Music Classes


Radif Art & Culture holds regular music classes once a week at Olympia London. If you are interested please contact us for more information.




Tar & Setar Lessons

Instructor: Tinoush Bahrami

Tinoush Bahrami

Tinoush Bahrami a graduate of Tehran conservaroire and Tehran university has studied Tar and Setar and Persian classical repertory "Radif" under great master Habibellah Salehi, Hooshang Zarif, hosain Alizade and Majid Kiani.

Tinoush has wide experience in playing Tar and Setar. He has performed with some of the best known musicians such as Hosain Alizadeh and Parviz Meshkatian at Rudaki hall in Tehran.

He has tought in Tehran conservatoire and Soureh University before becoming the leader of the traditional ensemble of the Tehran National Conservatoire.

For more information about this class please email at tinoushbahrami@yahoo.co.uk


Santour Lessons

Instructor: Hamidreza Maleki

Hamid Reza

Hamidreza Maleki started his musical training at the age of 13 on Santur with master Parviz Meshkatian. He studied Radif with Saeed Masumi, Saeed Naimimanesh, Mehdi Setayeshgar and Parviz Meshkatian.

Hamidreza received the first prize of the 13th International Fajr Festival on Santur. He moved to the US and studied Music and Ethnomusicology at UCLA. He has performed over a number of stage performances with master musicians.

He is currently perusing his musical experience in London.

For more information about this class please email at hrmaleki@gmail.com


Daf & Tonbak Lessons

Instructor: Ali Nourbakhsh

Ali Nourbakhsh

Ali Nourbakhsh was born in 1981 and grow up in a family that everyone would play an Iranian instrument. Ali started to play Daf when he was 13 years old and later on tried Setar and other percussion instruments. Soon, he realised that he was very much in love with rhythm, so he specialised in Daf and Tonbak.

Ali has been playing music regularly and he has the experience of playing with a number of Iranian traditional master musicians such as, Davod Azad and Hassan Nahid.

He graduate in Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence from City University of London and will be doing MBA for the next academic year. 

For more information about this class please email at ali.nourbakhsh@gmail.com


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