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Here are the events that Radif Art & Culture is part of or promotes:





- Ali Akbar Moradi at SOAS University (NON-RADIF EVENT)

Moradi Concert

Friday 26th May 06, 6:30 pm

Ali Akbar Moradi: Tanbour, Chant
Ulash Ozdemir: Baglama
Arash Moradi: Tanbour, Setar, Daf

The Ahl-e Haqq culture in Iran and the Alevi culture in Turkey are both "heterodox", sufism related religious/social traditions. They share a surprising number of elements (beliefs, rituals, etc.) on which relatively few studies have been produced up to our day.

In times of acute divisions, firiction and international challenges, such superb musical meetings can actively contribute to overcoming stereotypical thought, thus promoting a better undrestanding of cultures which appear to be "obscure" and "distant" to the majority of Western audiences.

Call this number to book your ticket: 07970546307



- Two Radif Members at Saam House in London

Tinoush & Ali at Saam House 2006 Sunday 14th May 2006, 7:00 pm

Tinoush Bahrami:  Tar
Ali Nourbakhsh: Tonbak

In this program Tinoush tries to chase the pathway of experimental Tar players such as, Lotf-Allah Majd and Djajil Shahnaz. This performance is part of a seminar about new Iranian fiction.

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Click Here to view a sample movie of the program.

- Radif Ensemble performe at Queen Elizabeth Hall

Monday 3rd April 2006, 7:30 pm

Norooz - celebrating the Persian New Year

Radif at GEHThis year's Norooz celebration marking the Persian New Year, one of the most ancient living traditions in the world, coincides with the two-week festivities' final day, Sizdah-beh-dar. On this day it is traditional for Iranian families to leave their homes and head for the countryside, in one of the world's largest national outings. The day is celebrated with music and dance throughout the country, with food, sweets and fresh tea brewing in samovars.

Tonight's programme is a symbolic representation of this ancient event which has survived the test of many culturally challenging years.

Traditional music and dance, bagpipes, sorna and dohol, and a daf ensemble make up just some of the exciting line up, and there's also a foyer celebration with audience participation to add to the evening's celebratory mood.


- Radif Ensemble performing for UN Stockport Branch

Radif Ensemble

Saturday 29th October 2005, 7:30 pm

Arash Fayyazi: Tar, Vocal
Amin Fouladi: Oud
Ali Nourbakhsh: Daf, Tonbak
Ehsan Parvizian: Bam Tar
Vafa Ahmadieh: Tonbak, Vocal


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