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Radif Art & Culture
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About Us

Radif Arts & Culture was born from the collaboration of a group of Iranian and British musicians, dancers and teachers. Since 2000, we have been committed to the celebration, practice and understanding of Persian Art Music and Dance in the UK . We encourage both novice and experienced musicians and dancers to develop their skills and their appreciation of this ancient and vibrant musical culture.

Radif Arts & Culture is involved in seminars, festivals and educational events such as Music Camps for both adults and children. We compile, translate and publish original materials related to Persian Art Music and Dance as well as repairing and building traditional instruments. We also run an international internet group on Yahoo.

Radif Arts & Culture's current activities include gatherings, which are living forums for playing, discussing and listening to Persian Art Music. We are working to establish a Centre for Iranian Music and Dance in London.

Radif Arts & Culture is a registered non-profit organisation exclusively committed to educational and cultural work.

Our Future Plans:

  • Creating and establishing a centre for Persian music and dance
  • Music club, promoting regular performances of Persian music and dance as well as preliminary lectures for members
  • A variety of Theory and Analysis classes for music-lovers and students
  • Music appreciation classes
  • Workshops for Persian Music and Dance
  • Organising seminars to discuss academic and ethnomusicological issues
  • Translation of Persian texts about music to be published in English
  • Translation of English texts about Persian Music to be published in Farsi
  • Audio magazine: a new idea to introduce short, original musical works
  • Organising internet music and dance festivals to gain creativity and collect background information for ethnographic studies
  • Publishing and producing artistic, professional music and dance works

If you are interested in being involved in any of our activities, we would love to hear from you. Please click here for contacting us.


Radif Ensemble 2005
Radif Ensemble (Jully 2005)


Radif & Ostad Alizadeh
Radif Meets Ostad Hossein Alizadeh (November 2005)


Radif Ensemble at QEH
Radif Ensemble At Queen Elizabeth Hall (March 2006)


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